Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maker | Fink

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“Meet me at the station at seven o'clock
You know what I like and that I like 'em a lot 
Let's go somewhere quiet where we can engage 
Let's go somewhere rowdy where we can misbehave
Coz I'm a maker baby I'm a maker”

Artist: Fin Greenall aka Fink
Song: Maker
Some days I'm just glad that I'm bored and listless. A little restless and trying hard to stay focused on myself and my life. It was a day like this when I got acquainted with this artist.
Days when I don’t want to be annoyingly cheerful and prefer just staying to myself, Fink is a perfect background score. Ambient music combined with his bluesy voice lets one float in their light-headed sphere of thought. Hardly intruding the thought process and filling all empty spaces.
Fink usually sticks to blues, indie folksy stuff with an ambient edge to most of his productions. Maker has a fine pace like his every other piece of work. I got hooked onto Fink with ‘Fear is like fire’ and observed that a steady rhythm plays a major part in all his pieces. What drew me towards Maker were its simple yet sultry lyrics that couldn't have sounded better than how Fink’s voice and technique makes it sound. His style tries to blend into the background instead of standing out against the music. The listener is able to absorb the piece in its entirety.
Highly underrated and I believe,  intentionally so.
About The Artist: 
Fin Greenall, born in 1972 in Cornwall, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ. After he earned his degree in History and English from Leeds University where he discovered electronic and dance music, Fink started his career seriously with Ninja Tune subsidiary N-Tone’s release of his single ‘Fink Funk’ in 1997.
With his mother from the field of classical music and father a folk musician himself, music came quite naturally to him. It was more like a way of life that he had grown up with. He produced other artists like Martin Taylor (guitarist), Michael Pitt and Robert Belfour.  One of the songs he co-wrote with Amy Winehouse appears on Winehouse’s posthumous collection called Lioness: Hidden Treasures.
He has also collaborated with artists like Nitin Sawhney and has appeared on the Indian collaborative musical show called the ‘Dewarists’ alongside artists like Salim Sulaiman and Shafqat Amanat Ali.
Some other pieces worth listening to:
  •          Fear is like fire
  •          Half time feat. Amy Winehouse
  •          Wheels

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